Isaac Herzog:

put forth his concept of smart security which, he stated, results from a combination of military strength and international strength.

Hillary Clinton:

It is no longer enough to be strong. Great powers also have to be savvy and persuasive… I call this approach smart power.

Hillary Clinton II:

As part of Clinton’s ‘smart power’ agenda, the US would reclaim online space by creating alliances with high-tech entrepreneurs… Once thought a Luddite, she fell in love with her iPad. ‘Use me like an app!’ she told an audience of high-tech company executives, ‘eliciting a round of laughter’.

Smartness explained:

Smart power means knowing that the United States’ own hand is not always its best tool: U.S. interests are furthered by enlisting others on behalf of U.S. goals…  At the same time, the United States should maintain its ability to act unilaterally. (Suzanne Nossel)

Smart power is the combination of hard and soft power to create optimal strategies in particular contexts…Libya was a good example of a smart power strategy. (Joseph Nye, Jr.)

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