Benjamin Netanyahu explains:

BILL MAHER: Unlike America, Israel seems to be able to fight wars very quickly. What is your secret? Because we don’t seem to have the hang of that.

NETANYAHU: The secret is that we have America.  And America… The point is that Israel, when it fights, is subject to international pressures, and the people who are fighting us are subject to international pressures.  In fact, the kind of wars that we fight cannot last forever – they’re either won, or lost, or drawn, but they end. And they end fairly quickly in the televised age; they’re not sustainable beyond a few weeks.  And I’ve said as much.  On the first day of the Second Lebanon War – that’s what we call it now – I said ‘we have a limited time’.  Some Israeli politician actually said, ‘the hourglass is ticking’.  That’s what he said.  ‘The hourglass is ticking’.  And I said well, yeah, ‘the clock is ticking, and that’s why you should get as decisive a victory as you can in the shortest amount of time’.  The time factor is real for a country like Israel fighting a war.  It’s less real for a country like the United States.

(What an arse Bill Maher is.)


  1. Offer Stern-Weiner · · Reply

    I quite like Bill Maher…



  2. […] value, as Israeli officials have long recognised, and while fear of international censure sets limits on the havoc Israel can profitably wreak, international opposition is not so massive and mobilised […]


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