UK Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond:

The window [for a two-state solution] is closing because of settlement patterns as much as anything else… If we see restraint in terms of not settling new areas, areas that are critical to the coherence of a two-state solution, the window will be a bit bigger. But it’s I’m afraid what feels and looks like a deliberate campaign of trying to sabotage the delivery of a two-state solution that is causing most concern over the past couple of years. For many people that’s what it looks like…

Many of my European colleagues are becoming incredibly frustrated by the process… They want to support Israel but they need something back in return. They need some clear sense that Israel is at least willing to try to find a two-state solution. To be [blunt]…, it’s only the really robust position that Britain and Germany take that has held the line from seeing the EU questioning more the position we collectively take. [my emph.]

p.s. Here’s Hammond in December 2014:

[P]ublic opinion is moving against Israel in a country that has traditionally been understanding of the Israeli position. We have made the point strongly to Israeli Ministers and politicians that they are losing the argument and public opinion not only in Britain, but in Europe and, perhaps more importantly for them, in the United States.

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