[T]he current Palestinian leadership should admit clearly and explicitly to the Palestinian people and the international community, that the two-state solution is no longer viable, effectively agreeing with Netanyahu. The two-state solution as dictated by the Oslo Accords died a long time ago; this is sufficiently proven by the expansion of the Jewish settlements and colonies in the occupied West Bank, the Apartheid Wall and the absence of any Palestinian sovereignty or control after more than two decades of Oslo.

Alaa Tartir, director of Al Shabaka: The Palestinian Policy Network.

But, if Oslo was never intended to halt settlement construction and award the Palestinian people meaningful sovereignty, but instead established a dependent sub-contractor to police resistance to the occupation’s accelerated entrenchment, how do ‘the expansion of the Jewish settlements’ and ‘the absence of any Palestinian sovereignty… more than two decades after Oslo’ demonstrate Oslo’s failure?

And, why should the alleged death of ‘[t]he two-state solution as dictated by the Oslo Accords’ persuade us to join Benjamin Netanyahu in rejecting the two-state solution based on international law, as endorsed by the overwhelming consensus of UN member states?

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