I don’t have a neon sign saying ‘stupid’ over my head.

– Saeb Erekat (March 2006; h/t Lawrence of Cyberia)

When we argue, believe me, I understand the political issues and Israel’s political negotiating behavior, internal situation… and sometimes we put neon sign saying stupid to say to you that we are stupid. 

– Saeb Erekat (August 2008)

I called the White House and the Europeans. I’m very unhappy with the Washington Statement after BN’s speech. It takes either someone to be deaf or I have a neon sign on saying, ‘stupid’.

– Saeb Erekat (June 2009; h/t Norman Finkelstein)

I don’t walk around with a neon sign saying ‘stupid’ on my head.

– Saeb Erekat (2013-14)

When I heard that, I looked in the mirror to see if I have a neon [sign] saying ‘stupid’ on my forehead.

– Saeb Erekat (June 2015)

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  1. […] Only, if I recall correctly, Trotsky did not have a neon sign above his head saying ‘stupid’. […]


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