Oh yeah.

Gore Vidal emeritus replies:

I am saddened that Dr. Lidz was not “enlightened” by my review, but not all darkness is penetrable, particularly that generated by, if I may say so, his own peculiar calling. Perhaps “ordered” was too strong a verb. Certainly Dr. Kubie gently hinted. … Is that better? God knows Tennessee dramatized his own life; and he certainly got things wrong, but he was never a liar. As for Dr. Kubie, I draw the readers of this review to his appearance, under the name Dr. Sanford Kubie, in a forthcoming novel, October Blood by Francine du Plessix Gray. Here they will see Kubie as many people at the time did—a slick bit of goods on the make among the rich, the famous, the gullible.


Caring for the Bird from the August 15, 1985 issue

To the Editors:

Concerning Gore Vidal’s letter in your August 15 issue, which draws attention to the appearance of a “Dr. Sanford Kubie” in my new novel October Blood: Mr. Vidal incorrectly implies that my choice of the name “Kubie” was based on one Dr. Lawrence Kubie of New York City. In fact this choice was purely coincidental, and bore no relation to my knowledge of any doctor so named. Having not lived in New York City since 1954, I am not as hip to socio-medical gossip as Mr. Vidal assumes me to be, and have not known anyone treated by a Dr. Kubie, nor read or heard about any of his work.

Francine du Plessix Gray

Cornwall Bridge, Connecticut

Gore Vidal replies:

Oh yeah.

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