Israel’s occupation of the West Bank and Gaza is approaching its half-century. Gaza has been under brutal siege for nearly a decade; life there has become almost unbearable. Palestinians’ human rights are being systematically violated with impunity. The International Court of Justice’s finding that (inter alia) the settlements are illegal was published more than a decade ago, and remains to be implemented.

If, instead of focusing on these issues, you find yourself bogged down in debates about the following, Israel has already won.

  • What is Zionism?
  • Is Zionism racism?
  • Is anti-Zionism antisemitism?
  • Are Jews a people?
  • Is Israel an apartheid state?
  • Is the occupation apartheid?
  • Is Israel/Zionism like Nazi Germany/Nazism?
  • Is Israel like ISIS?
  • Does an academic and/or cultural boycott infringe freedom of speech?


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  1. Neeta Bhasin · · Reply

    True! The Palestinian cause is in a deplorable state of affairs. Full of sound and fury signifying nothing, while the situation in Palestine is incontrovertibly going from worst to beyond the pale. It’s painful.

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