The public vs. the press on Labour’s ‘antisemitism problem’

A YouGov survey published today finds that a plurality (45%) believes that Labour has ‘no’, or ‘only a very small’, antisemitism problem:

Screen Shot 2016-04-30 at 20.43.50.png

That 22% of the population believes that Labour, the UK’s principal party of opposition, has a ‘fairly big’ or ‘very big’ problem with antisemitism is remarkable.  It speaks to an abject and persistent failure on the part of reporters and columnists to perform the most basic fact-checking before repeating and endorsing politically-motivated smears.

Even so, it is heartening that just 7% of YouGov’s respondents were of the opinion that Labour has a ‘very big problem’ with antisemitism, which has been the position conveyed by the vast bulk of media coverage of this phoney ‘crisis’ to date.

For example, Newsnight addressed the issue by staging  a ‘debate’ between two positions: ‘Labour has a serious antisemitism problem’ vs. ‘Labour has a serious antisemitism problem, and other parties do too’.  The view that Labour has ‘only a very small problem’ of antisemitism, or else ‘no problem at all’, was scarcely hinted at.

It is difficult to see how journalists can justify their continued refusal to investigate the truth of claims about which a plurality of public opinion is sceptical.  Especially when that scepticism is warranted by the evidence.


  1. Well, I always suspected that 78% of the public are closet anti-Semites


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  2. Aren’t more in number of ‘Arab’ people Semitic than are Jewish people by count?


    1. Antisemitism refers to anti-Jewish prejudice and racism. That is the meaning of the word.


    2. Bobsy · · Reply

      Think I’ll have to answer myself with a “Yes” as no one else has come forward to answer my question.


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