B. Michael:

For 50 years (at least), Israel has been experiencing the existence of occupation, a brutal, wicked, unrestrained existence. The number of people exposed to the abominations of occupation – through their eyes, hands, feet, weapons and children – is growing. Even the best-honed skills of denial, and all the media’s huffing and puffing, cannot hide the experiences of their lives from them. In their heart of hearts they know perfectly well what they are: abusive, exploitative, covetous, committing abominations with their very own hands, or accepting of such abominations, or at least financing them.

There is good reason that their foamiest rages are directed against those few nervy individuals who insist on telling them the truth about their being.

Voters, who are at the end of the day just human beings, need their consciousness to be escapist. Comforting. They need a leader, a stand-in parent, a super-ego in an armor-plated car to stroke their heads and say, “You’re perfectly fine, my darling. You’re a good boy. They’re the shits. Not you.”

Leaders like that only exist on the right. And that is where the masses are stampeding.

Therefore, as long as the occupation persists, the right will remain in control. And therefore, no bluff, costume, general parachuting in from nowhere or brown-nosing the Creator could help. It’s the experience that has to change, not the mask.

And therefore, there is only one way to heal: to stop the occupation. All of it. At once. With an agreement or without. Get out. First the army, with its power and budgets, then the settler nests. Not by force. If they want, let them come; if they don’t, they don’t have to. I have no doubt in my heart that the Palestinians will treat them more generously than we treat the Palestinians.

It’s not going to happen, though. Because it’s already late. Because the world stays silent. Because the Ben-Gurions and Begins are no more, and we don’t grow de Gaulles in these parts. Because what we are left with is the Smotriches and Hazans and Elkins and Bennetts. Because all we have in us is Regevs and gutters. Because that is the fate of every occupying society.

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