[[Are you a Zionist in believing that Israel has the right to exist?]]

Yes, Israel does have the right to exist and there has to be a two-state solution . . . I support the right of the State of Israel to exist . . . I do want there to be a long term peace in the area, I do want there to be recognition of a Palestinian state, therefore, I do want the settlement policy to end and the occupation to end . . . I recognise and support the right of the State of Israel to exist.

[[Do you support boycotts?]]

I think the boycott of settlement goods is a reasonable reaction to what are after all illegal settlements and I think they should be understood in that context, and I think that the companies that are exporting goods from the settlements and trying to hide the labelling are wrong, and the EU indeed has recognised that to be wrong. And so surely that’s quite an important message to the Israeli government: that your products produced within Israel, fine, but your products produced in the settlements should not be sold on the open market. . . .  

[[Why single out Israeli settlements for boycott?]]

I have boycotted goods from a number of countries over the years, including Burma, including South Africa, including Chile during the Pinochet years, and whilst I don’t think boycotts absolutely change everything, they are quite an important signal of what consumer power is actually about. People also, of course, do selectively boycott goods produced in a particular way, environmentally unsustainable and so on, so I think there is a point about recognising that consumers sometimes want to exercise what power they have. 

– Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn (circa 11m30s).

See also: The parameters of mainstream debate I, II and III.

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