RIP Renen Raz

Israeli peace and justice activist Renen Raz has passed away.

Renen was a dedicated anti-Zionist, an activist with Boycott From Within and a participant in Palestinian popular struggle, particularly in Nabi Saleh.

He stood for principles – anti-racism, democracy, equality before the law – which his society overwhelmingly disdained, and he suffered considerably for his commitments.

He was politically uncompromising, and was isolated even from the mainstream of the (marginal) Israeli left.

Few have shaped their life so consistently and so completely, at such personal cost and with such humility, around an ethical code.

I was not close with Renen, but was always grateful to him for his hospitality and for introducing me to the Buddha Burger all-you-can-eat vegan buffet. When I discovered via social media that he was ill, I intended to write him; I did not get around to it, and it is now too late. A shameful neglect, and a deep regret.

RIP Renen Raz. Humanity has lost a friend.

RenenRaz1.jpgI seem to recall, and Renen’s expression corroborates, that this was our second helping


With Mr Cat

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