The great John Dugard, former United Nations Special Rapporteur for Human Rights in the Occupied Palestinian Territories and reputed father of human rights in South Africa, on…

  • Israel’s apartheid:

it’s very clear that apartheid is practiced within the Occupied Palestinian Territories . . . You cannot dispute it. It’s just so clear.

(However, it is nowhere near as clear within Israel proper, and it is ‘strategically’ unwise to fudge that distinction.)

  • why Richard Goldstone sabotaged his report:

He was subjected to pressure from the Jewish community in Johannesburg. But I don’t think that was the reason. I think there was pressure from other sources

  • the late and unlamented Hillary Clinton:

I think that it’s very interesting, that Hillary Clinton, in the present election, has secured Jewish funding for her presidential bid, inter alia on the basis of killing the Goldstone report, and she certainly did, when she was Secretary of State, go out of her way to destroy it.

  • American academic Norman G. Finkelstein:

probably the most serious scholar on the conflict in the Middle East

  • a one-state solution:

I really don’t see a single state being a peaceful state. Because initially there will be a Jewish minority that controls the state, and that will lead to the kind of tension that we had in apartheid South Africa. And later I suspect that when the Palestinian Arab majority becomes the government, they will be discriminating against the Jewish minority.

  • a two-state solution:

a two state solution offers the best solution for a peaceful resolution of the dispute. But . . . Israel is making a two-state solution virtually impossible, so we have to come to terms with the possibility of a single state

It’s an excellent interview by Michael Brull; well worth reading.


  1. Thanks, appreciate it. Was an honour to meet him and talk to him for so long.


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