Muhammad Shehada and I have an article in VICE about the unfolding massacre in Gaza:

Palestinians are often lectured from abroad on the merits of Gandhi. The current effort in Gaza will inevitably be viewed as a test case of the efficacy of a nonviolent approach; its success or failure will help determine the character of future efforts to bring the occupation to an end. But as a Guardian headline succinctly put it, “Palestinian non-violence requires global non-silence”. The people of Gaza are depending on us to make a nonviolent strategy viable in this, their hour of need. If the demonstrations in Gaza are met with mass displays of solidarity abroad, Israel might be induced to change its approach toward Gaza and a brighter future for the region may yet be within reach. Precisely how much pressure is required in order to force Israel to budge is difficult to predict. One thing, however, is certain: as Gazans attempt to break free of their prison camp, their only protection, their only armour, their only defence against the wall of Israeli snipers, is us.

The death toll from today’s demonstrations is at least 43, with more than 1,700 injured. The health system is, according to Red Cross doctors working on the ground, ‘on the verge of collapse‘.

The Palestine Solidarity Campaign has called an EMERGENCY DEMONSTRATION in solidarity with the people of Gaza tomorrow (15 May), 5.30pm, Downing Street, London. 

It’s up to us to spread the word and bring as many people with us as possible on the day.




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