‘Moment of Truth’ interviews

I was interviewed about my new book by Professor Yaacov Yadgar, Stanley Lewis Professor of Israel Studies at the University of Oxford, here.

I also discussed a couple of the book’s chapters, on the settlements and Hamas, on The Real News:


  1. DIPAK RAJGOR · · Reply

    Good interview but insufficient time to cover all matters adequately. For me there will be no solution to the conflict until USA (and to a lesser degree the EU) takes away it’s unconditional support for Israel. So my question is ” What will it take to get USA to stop treating Israel as it does now?”


  2. Hi Dipak, I think you would find Chapter 15 of the book interesting: ‘How to Get Israel to Withdraw: Lessons from President Jimmy Carter’s Middle East Diplomacy’. It is directed to precisely the question you ask. Contributors to the chapter are Norman Finkelstein, William Quandt, John Mearsheimer and Mark Tessler.


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