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37. In addition to the law firm report, MANAFORT took other steps on behalf of the Government of Ukraine to tarnish Tymoshenko in the United States. In addition to disseminating stories about her soliciting murder, noted above, in October 2012, MANAFORT orchestrated a scheme to have, as he wrote in a contemporaneous communication, “[O]bama jews” […]

Interview on Gaza and Labour Antisemitism

In October 2017, I was invited by Tom Mills and Dan Hind to their excellent Media Democracy Podcast for a discussion about the Labour antisemitism controversy. I returned this week to talk about… the Labour antisemitism controversy. Good to see the political conversation has progressed over the past year. This time around, we also spoke […]

Norman Finkelstein to Margaret Hodge: ‘You Haven’t a Clue What You’re Talking About’

Margaret Hodge publicly branded the elected leader of her party – a man who has dedicated his political life to fighting racism and oppression – a ‘fucking racist and an antisemite‘. She then likened having received a mild letter of rebuke from the Disciplinary Committee to Nazi persecution. Norman Finkelstein, a leading American Jewish scholar […]

Smearing Corbyn

Norman Finkelstein and I were interviewed by The Real News about the current hysteria over antisemitism in the Labour Party: You can read my detailed assessment of previous outings of this sordid saga here and here. An interview I conducted with Norman about these issues in 2016 may be read here.

The Jewish Labour Movement on Labour antisemitism

[T]here is a surreal quality to the debate about Labour’s attitude to anti-Semitism. . . . Within the community, the Board of Deputies added heat to the situation last week when its president, Jonathan Arkush, warned that British Jews ‘can’t trust Labour’. No one doubts the seriousness of antiSemitism, but such language is unhelpful, even […]


I spoke to the terrific Media Democracy podcast about claims of antisemitism at the Labour Party conference, and what they reveal about the susceptibility of our media organisations to organised falsehood. Have a listen here. Many thanks to Tom Mills and Dan Hind for inviting me on.


In my article debunking claims of antisemitism at the 2017 Labour Party conference, I showed how veteran Israeli socialist Moshé Machover was falsely depicted as a Nazi apologist. Machover has since been kicked out of the Labour Party. More than 100 Labour members have written to Jeremy Corbyn opposing Machover’s expulsion; if you are a […]