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Debt, Slavery and Our Idea of Freedom

I’m interested in anthropology because I’m interested in human possibilities. – David Graeber In 2011, in New York, I met David Graeber for the first and only time, to discuss his newly published book, Debt: The First 5,000 Years. Of all the interviews I conducted for New Left Project, it was surely the most stimulating […]

Boycotting Palestinian workers: update

I have written before about the ethics of boycotting settlement businesses that employ Palestinians. Data from a recent UNCTAD report ought to give advocates of such boycotts pause: In 2015, nearly 12 per cent of employed Palestinians worked in Israel and in settlements . . . Employment in Israel and Israeli settlements accounted for 16 per cent […]


‘There is a great deal of ruin in a nation’, wrote Adam Smith in 1782. It is not so easy to destroy one. The World Bank’s latest Economic Monitoring report on the West Bank and Gaza, and in particular the section entitled, The Staggering Cost of Violence and Blockade on Gaza’s Economy and Living Standards, […]

IMF: Gaza’s economic collapse

The mission estimates that real GDP fell by nearly one percent, the first contraction since 2006, with GDP declining by about 15 percent in Gaza but rising by 4.5 percent in the West Bank with a sharp slowdown in the third quarter. Unemployment rates remain at high levels, reaching an estimated 41 percent in Gaza and 19 […]