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On Labour’s ‘antisemitism problem’ – Part 1

An offensive against the elected leadership of the Labour Party is being waged under the guise of fighting antisemitism. Headline after headline in recent weeks has claimed that Labour has a ‘Jewish problem’: that antisemitism within the party is pervasive or has sharply increased under Corbyn’s leadership, and that Corbyn is failing to crack down on or […]


I have a piece up at openDemocracy pushing back against the thuggish smear campaign against new NUS president Malia Bouattia. One of the most inspiring aspects of Bernie Sanders’s campaign for the Democratic Party nomination has been the level of support he has attracted from Arab and Muslim Americans. The New York primary may have ended […]


Mouin Rabbani, Norman G. Finkelstein and I have an article in the latest issue of Insight Turkey examining the impact of the Arab uprisings on the prospects for Palestinian self-determination. Unfortunately the full text is behind a pay-wall (accessible via ProQuest), but here’s how it begins: When a series of uprisings across the Arab world […]


Decisive defeat has been the fate of many, perhaps most, political movements. Nevertheless, over the past half century, regional and international regressions have repeatedly inspired a revival and reassertion of the Palestinian struggle for self-determination. In their darkest moments, Palestinians have mustered the courage, the strength, and the will to keep the torch aflame. If […]

“D—d if my remedy hasn’t killed him!”

The mosaic of cultures that made for Syria’s richness is being lost. The rebels calculated that, as in Libya, NATO would ensure their swift victory. The US decided that the regime was so unpopular that the rebels would overthrow it without NATO help. Both were wrong. Yet neither is taking the obvious alternative to the […]


I had the pleasure to work on Charles Glass’s new book on the Syrian civil war, Syria Burning: ISIS and the Death of the Arab Spring, which is now for sale at the OR Books website. As might be expected, the often catastrophic unpredictability of revolutions, especially armed revolutions, is a theme running through the […]