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Arse From the Past

Grizzled online veterans might recall the name Seth Freedman, a former stockbroker and volunteer with the Israeli army who subsequently grifted as Comment Is Free’s resident ‘critical friend’ of Israel.  During Israel’s 2008-9 terror assault on Gaza, Freedman abandoned his ‘progressive’ posture as he used the Guardian website to defend the massacre—‘I struggle to see […]

Interview on Gaza and Labour Antisemitism

In October 2017, I was invited by Tom Mills and Dan Hind to their excellent Media Democracy Podcast for a discussion about the Labour antisemitism controversy. I returned this week to talk about… the Labour antisemitism controversy. Good to see the political conversation has progressed over the past year. This time around, we also spoke […]


Part 2 of 3. The previous instalment of this article traced the impact of the First Intifada—a mass nonviolent Palestinian civil revolt that erupted in December 1987—at the United Nations. This section examines the impact of the Intifada on a second component of the international consensus which today prevails on Palestine: international human rights organisations. […]


In a recent interview leading Israel-Palestine scholar Norman Finkelstein recounted a shocking, but revealing, encounter with Guardian columnist Jonathan Freedland: [W]hen my book, The Holocaust Industry, came out in 2000, Freedland wrote that I was ‘closer to the people who created the Holocaust than to those who suffered in it’.  Although he appears to be, oh, so politically correct […]

Labour’s phoney ‘antisemitism’ scandal: the liars behind the lies

Media coverage of the phoney Labour ‘antisemitism’ scandal has been characterised by an abject indifference to, bordering on contempt for, truth. I’ve examined this in detail elsewhere. Still, the extent of the recklessness and casual brutality staggers.  Two examples. Dan Hodges  Dan Hodges gazed out his office window.  There they were, the usual throng of […]

The public vs. the press on Labour’s ‘antisemitism problem’

A YouGov survey published today finds that a plurality (45%) believes that Labour has ‘no’, or ‘only a very small’, antisemitism problem: That 22% of the population believes that Labour, the UK’s principal party of opposition, has a ‘fairly big’ or ‘very big’ problem with antisemitism is remarkable.  It speaks to an abject and persistent failure […]


Let’s imagine for just a moment that a people was forcibly dispossessed of its homeland. Let’s imagine that a portion of this people had rotted in refugee camps for some seven decades while others had lived under a brutal military occupation for almost five decades. Let’s imagine that the people living under this military occupation were […]


From the NYRB‘s first attempt to make sense of the 1987 Palestinian uprising: As the situation hardens, rocks and stones will not necessarily be replaced only by revolvers. During the last few weeks I have several times heard officials in the US and Israel talk about sophisticated devices of terror, including atom bombs miniaturised into suitcases, […]


Last week the UN Human Rights Council voted 41-1-5 to condemn human rights and international law violations allegedly committed in the course of Operation Protective Edge, Israel’s summer 2014 assault on Gaza. The resolution welcomed the recently published report of the UN inquiry into the conflict, which found evidence of possible war crimes by both […]

Oh yeah.

Gore Vidal emeritus replies: I am saddened that Dr. Lidz was not “enlightened” by my review, but not all darkness is penetrable, particularly that generated by, if I may say so, his own peculiar calling. Perhaps “ordered” was too strong a verb. Certainly Dr. Kubie gently hinted. … Is that better? God knows Tennessee dramatized […]