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To Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s critics: This is no time for sloganeering

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s announced support for a two-state solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict has drawn fire from elements of her base. Many activists believe that the two-state solution is dead, and view support for it as a betrayal of Palestinian rights. They would prefer that Ocasio-Cortez advocate a one-state solution to the conflict instead. But this […]


I prefer the Palestinians to cope with the problem of enforcing order in Gaza. The Palestinians will be better at it than we were, because they will allow no appeals to the Supreme Court and will prevent the [Israeli] Association for Civil Rights from criticising the conditions there by denying it access to the area. […]

Boycotting Palestinian workers: update

I have written before about the ethics of boycotting settlement businesses that employ Palestinians. Data from a recent UNCTAD report ought to give advocates of such boycotts pause: In 2015, nearly 12 per cent of employed Palestinians worked in Israel and in settlements . . . Employment in Israel and Israeli settlements accounted for 16 per cent […]

Settler’s Army

On 6 February, in the south Hebron Hills, near the settlement of Ma’on, Israeli forces beat and detained two 15-year-old children over night, following complaints by the settlement head that they were grazing their sheep on land planned for the expansion of the settlement. – UN OCHA, ‘Weekly update‘ (13 February, 2015)