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I spoke to Shir Hever at The Real News about the ‘Labour antisemitism’ controversy, and my edited book on the topic: The audio of a talk I gave on the campaign against Corbyn, at the Institut Marcel Liebman–Université Libre de Bruxelles in December 2018, is now online:

Jews for a Labour Victory – L’Chaim!

Jeremy Corbyn’s historic candidacy represents fairness, unity, and hope for a better tomorrow. Everything is still to play for. And so, to the endless negativity and hostility emanating from supporters of the status quo, we say: To Love! To Labour! To LIFE (L’CHAIM)! Photos by Alice Lubbock.

Brief Response to an ‘Antisemitism’ Hoax

The Campaign Against Antisemitism (CAA) alleges, on the basis of polling it commissioned from YouGov, that ‘antisemitic views are most widespread on the far-left’ while ‘the leader of the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn, was particularly popular among people with antisemitic views’. It is, the CAA notes, ‘the first survey’ to conclude this. Indeed, all previous […]


“Justice, Justice You Shall Pursue…” Jews4Labour invites ALL Labour supporters to join us for a CELEBRATION dedicated to LIFE (L’CHAIM!) and REAL Change! This historic Labour campaign promises to radically transform this country to make it fairer for everyone. It represents HOPE for the vulnerable and the dispossessed, the homeless and the hungry, the impoverished […]


WATCH 🎥 – Matt Hancock Loses His Cool At Haverhill Hustings Audience Boos & Chants 'Liar!@MattHancock really doesn't like being challenged on the 50,000 nurse lie. — Alex Tiffin (@RespectIsVital) November 30, 2019

New from Verso: Antisemitism and the Labour Party

Just out from Verso Books: a free e-book, bringing together the most rigorous and penetrating analytical writings on the ‘Labour antisemitism’ controversy. Edited by me, it features contributions from Norman G. Finkelstein, Jeremy Gilbert, Antony Lerman, David Rosenberg, Naomi Wayne, Jewish Voice for Labour, and others. The book is free to download from the Verso […]


‘Israel could halt intelligence cooperation with UK if Jeremy Corbyn wins election, Benjamin Netanyahu suggests‘. How ever will we cope?