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Ken Livingstone: gobshite yes, antisemite no

Ken Livingstone’s intervention in defence of suspended Labour MP Naz Shah was a political disaster.  He should have accepted that some of what Shah did was wrong; and pointed out that the reaction has been hysterical, that Shah is by all credible accounts not an antisemite,[1] that the party leadership responded swiftly and firmly, and that, while antisemitism must always […]


Israel’s occupation of the West Bank and Gaza is approaching its half-century. Gaza has been under brutal siege for nearly a decade; life there has become almost unbearable. Palestinians’ human rights are being systematically violated with impunity. The International Court of Justice’s finding that (inter alia) the settlements are illegal was published more than a decade ago, and remains to […]


Like all people and groups without the tradition of political responsibility, the Jews are apt to see in the printed text of a document the sole and sufficient guarantee of political rights.  Some of them have clung fantastically to the letter of the Mandate and have failed to understand its spirit.  Practical politics, like mechanics, […]