Muhammad Shehada and I have written an article debunking, in detail, Israel’s multifold misrepresentations of the Gaza protests. We conclude: In the face of Israel’s onslaught, and as the international community have looked on with indifference, the people of Gaza exhibited near superhuman courage and restraint. No amount of lies can efface this ineffaceable truth. […]

The position of Anneliese Dodds MP (Labour – Oxford East) on the massacre in Gaza has improved has a result of pressure from constituents. But it remains wholly inadequate. OXFORD CONSTITUENTS: Please write to Anneliese to ask her to support a suspension of arms sales to Israel, an independent international inquiry into Israel’s massacre and […]

EMERGENCY TWEET-STORM FOR GAZA: Hashtag: #ICCIndictIsraelNow! Time: 8pm-9pm tonight, London time. Spread the word! — Some example tweets: 1. Israel’s blockade of Gaza must be lifted “immediately and unconditionally” (UN Report by New York State judge Mary McGowan Davis). #ICCIndictIsraelNow! 2. “I’ve never seen such massive destruction ever before” (Peter Maurer, head of the International Committee […]

Emergency demonstrations across the UK today, 15 May: London: Downing Street, Whitehall, 5.30pm. London Jews Against the Massacre: Red Lion Pub, 48 Parliament Street, Westminster, SW1A 2NH, 5pm. Will join up with the main demonstration at 5.30pm. Manchester: Central Library, Central Street, 5.30pm. Sheffield: Pinstone Street, 5pm. Glasgow: 180 West Regent Street, 7pm. Edinburgh: Prince St./Castle St., from 12 noon. […]

Muhammad Shehada and I have an article in VICE about the unfolding massacre in Gaza: Palestinians are often lectured from abroad on the merits of Gandhi. The current effort in Gaza will inevitably be viewed as a test case of the efficacy of a nonviolent approach; its success or failure will help determine the character […]

National Demonstration in solidarity with the people of Gaza. Friday 11 May, 5.30pm – 7pm. Opposite the Israeli Embassy. Closest Underground station: High Street Kensington.    

Attention all Labour Party and Momentum members: Below is a draft Motion on Gaza. We need to get as many branches and CLPs to pass it or a motion to the same effect as a matter of emergency. Why is this an emergency? Gaza is on the brink of becoming unviable for large-scale human inhabitation. […]