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At this point, the script writes itself: Hamas threatens to moderate its position by amending its Charter, so Israel assassinates a senior Hamas militant.[1] Whenever a credible Palestinian force threatens by political moderation to undermine Israel’s pretexts for diplomatic rejectionism—by offering/adhering to a ceasefire; signalling acceptance of the international consensus framework for resolving the conflict; […]


Yesterday, former Israel Defence Forces (IDF) deputy chief of staff Uzi Dayan testified in defence of an Israeli soldier (Sgt. Elor Azaria) who was captured on film summarily executing a Palestinian man in Hebron who posed no threat. Dayan protested that, in opening an investigation into the incident, the authorities had violated the accused’s ‘right to innocence’: […]

What Israel did in Gaza

Al-Monitor reports on the forthcoming publication of the Shapira report into Israel’s summer 2014 assault on Gaza: As one senior Israeli security official confided to Al-Monitor on condition of anonymity, “If data on the number of missiles and shells fired during Operation Protective Edge was released to the public, everyone would be horrified.” Since it had […]

Norman Finkelstein on David Cameron’s Dodgy ‘Friends’

British Prime Minister David Cameron has long professed himself a ‘passionate friend of Israel’.  He is also a passionate supporter of the Conservative Friends of Israel, whose meetings he has repeatedly addressed and whose long-time director, Stuart Polak, he awarded with a peerage.  Cameron is reputed to be an intimate friend and ally of Israel’s […]

Norman Finkelstein on Bernie, Palestine and Politics

The great Norman Finkelstein has been interviewed on Bernie, Palestine and Politics. Among other things, he talks about how Israel has successfully defanged human rights NGO coverage of Israeli crimes: most human rights organisations sat out Operation Protective Edge (2014), while Amnesty reverted to its pre-1987 apologetics. This is an extremely dangerous development, since the human rights […]


Sam Harris riffs off Alan Dershowitz: The reality is that the Israelis, for all their faults, have been more restrained in their use of force than the U.S. has—if for no other reason than that they are more vulnerable to world opinion. Every Palestinian child the IDF kills inches Israel ever closer to the brink […]


Mouin Rabbani, Norman G. Finkelstein and I have an article in the latest issue of Insight Turkey examining the impact of the Arab uprisings on the prospects for Palestinian self-determination. Unfortunately the full text is behind a pay-wall (accessible via ProQuest), but here’s how it begins: When a series of uprisings across the Arab world […]


Last week the UN Human Rights Council voted 41-1-5 to condemn human rights and international law violations allegedly committed in the course of Operation Protective Edge, Israel’s summer 2014 assault on Gaza. The resolution welcomed the recently published report of the UN inquiry into the conflict, which found evidence of possible war crimes by both […]