#Jews4Labour I'm Jewish and I'm supporting @UKLabour and frankly I don't understand how anybody who was in shul on Yom Kippur and heard Isiah telling us how we were obliged to feed the hungry and clothe the naked is not doing the same thing. — Dave Curtis (@davecurtis314) November 12, 2019 My Jewish grandparents fled […]

How I will respond to concerns about Labour antisemitism expressed on the doorstep. Posted here in case others find it useful. I joined Labour to get rid of all forms of oppression and injustice, including antisemitism. And it is precisely because I oppose racism, antisemitism, injustice that I am out here campaigning for Labour and Jeremy […]

Jonathan Freedland of the Guardian asks rhetorically: [W]hy would a party that defines itself as anti-racist have attracted antisemites in the first place? Some try to say that any mass membership organisation will always reflect the wider society, and since Britain includes antisemites, so too will the Labour party. But that doesn’t wash. Britain includes […]

A new article by Alan Maddison and I makes the case that stereotypes should be discussed, not sanctioned: Labour’s critics maintain that anything other than a harsh punitive and censorial approach to ‘anti-Jewish’ stereotypes is evidence that the party is prioritising public relations over anti-racism. Precisely the reverse is true. Surveilling, investigating and sanctioning members […]

My transcript of remarks by veteran Jewish peace activist Glyn Secker at a demonstration for Palestinian rights in London, 11 May 2019. Source footage here. Glyn Secker, of Jews for Justice for Palestinians and Jewish Voice for Labour, spoke at yesterday’s rally for Palestinian rights in London. Here is how Lee Harpin of the Jewish Chronicle reported […]

Partial transcript of comments made by Seumas Milne at a 2015 conference titled ‘Imperialism, ISIS & the Middle East’. Source and [time stamps] from this video. * How ‘reporter’ Iggy Ostanin presented it: EXCL: Watch Seumas Milne suggest collusion between Israel and ISIS. At June 2015 event Milne responded to a question on “the ISIS franchise and […]