Will Chile’s new Constitution adopt the IHRA Working Definition of Antisemitism? Will the IHRA endorse BDS? Does the IHRA consider Jared Kushner an antisemitic trope? Is it compatible with BDS guidelines to apply the IHRA definition to Israeli academics, or should we apply it to Israeli institutions only? Has Scarlett Johansson adopted the IHRA definition? […]

What enables . . . the good general to strike and conquer, taught Sun Tzu, is foreknowledge. So it is wise to pay attention when enemy strategists describe their plans and vulnerabilities. Via Ben White, a revealing strategy document from Israel’s 2009 Global Forum for Combating Antisemitism: There is a clarity in fighting against BDS […]

I’m interested in anthropology because I’m interested in human possibilities. – David Graeber In 2011, in New York, I met David Graeber for the first and only time, to discuss his newly published book, Debt: The First 5,000 Years. Of all the interviews I conducted for New Left Project, it was surely the most stimulating […]

I wrote to Mouin Rabbani for Jadaliyya about recent developments in the ‘Labour antisemitism’ controversy: The period since Starmer took office has underlined how little the “antisemitism controversy” had to do with concern over antisemitism. The substance of the leaked Labour report was all-but-suppressed in mainstream news sources, notwithstanding that it disclosed masses of new […]

My new article in Jacobin asks: If international calls to end the Gaza closure are ignored, and Israel’s blockade remains in force, would Israel have the right to obstruct Gazans fleeing a COVID-19 emergency? The article argues that, if our answer to this question is ‘no’, it follows that Israel also had no right to forcibly prevent […]

I spoke to Ian Sinclair for The Morning Star about lessons to be learned from Labour’s response to the confected ‘antisemitism crisis’: What else could have been done? Any response should have aimed not at ending the defamation campaign but at minimising the internal divisions it provoked and the resources it consumed. To these ends, the leadership […]

Grizzled online veterans might recall the name Seth Freedman, a former stockbroker and volunteer with the Israeli army who subsequently grifted as Comment Is Free’s resident ‘critical friend’ of Israel.  During Israel’s 2008-9 terror assault on Gaza, Freedman abandoned his ‘progressive’ posture as he used the Guardian website to defend the massacre—‘I struggle to see […]

Yossi Melman is a veteran Israeli military and intelligence correspondent. In a July 2019 article for Ma’ariv, he correctly analysed the ‘war on BDS’ being waged by Israel’s Ministry of Strategic Affairs (MSA) as follows: The main justification and reason for its [i.e., the MSA’S] existence is the fight against the BDS movement and attempts […]

I spoke to Shir Hever at The Real News about the ‘Labour antisemitism’ controversy, and my edited book on the topic: The audio of a talk I gave on the campaign against Corbyn, at the Institut Marcel Liebman–Université Libre de Bruxelles in December 2018, is now online:

Jeremy Corbyn’s historic candidacy represents fairness, unity, and hope for a better tomorrow. Everything is still to play for. And so, to the endless negativity and hostility emanating from supporters of the status quo, we say: To Love! To Labour! To LIFE (L’CHAIM)! Photos by Alice Lubbock.