Israeli peace and justice activist Renen Raz has passed away. Renen was a dedicated anti-Zionist, an activist with Boycott From Within and a participant in Palestinian popular struggle, particularly in Nabi Saleh. He stood for principles – anti-racism, democracy, equality before the law – which his society overwhelmingly disdained, and he suffered considerably for his commitments. He was politically uncompromising, […]

Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas travelled to Jerusalem Friday to meet his Israeli counterpart Benjamin Netanyahu. Standing on the front lawn of Netanyahu’s Jerusalem residence, President Abbas called the Israeli prime minister to his balcony, and then recited a love poem entitled “Will You Bibi My Baby Tonight?” The Palestinian leader then stripped to a scanty nightie and—witness […]

[Y]our governments are rapidly changing their attitudes towards Israel. And sooner or later, that’s going to change the way you vote on Israel at the UN. – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, addressing the UN General Assembly this week. ‘There’s just no appetite to go toe-to-toe with Israel and deliver a really harsh indictment’, said one […]


“I’m not going to hide my concerns about this.”@JRug asked Foreign Secretary @BorisJohnson about British arms exports to Saudi Arabia. — Channel 4 News (@Channel4News) September 22, 2016 *** Amnesty International: The airstrike on Abs Rural Hospital in Yemen’s Hajjah governorate on 15 August was the fourth attack on a Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) […]

Yesterday, former Israel Defence Forces (IDF) deputy chief of staff Uzi Dayan testified in defence of an Israeli soldier (Sgt. Elor Azaria) who was captured on film summarily executing a Palestinian man in Hebron who posed no threat. Dayan protested that, in opening an investigation into the incident, the authorities had violated the accused’s ‘right to innocence’: […]


[[Are you a Zionist in believing that Israel has the right to exist?]] Yes, Israel does have the right to exist and there has to be a two-state solution . . . I support the right of the State of Israel to exist . . . I do want there to be a long term […]

Former Israel Defence Forces (IDF) deputy chief of staff Uzi Dayan, testifying this morning in the trial of ‘Hebron shooter’ Elor Azaria: Asked by the prosecutor, Gen. (res.) Nadav Weisman, if the rules of engagement don’t prohibit killing a terrorist just for being a terrorist, Dayan answered, ‘That’s certainly not true. . . . I’ve ordered to […]