[T]here is a surreal quality to the debate about Labour’s attitude to anti-Semitism. . . . Within the community, the Board of Deputies added heat to the situation last week when its president, Jonathan Arkush, warned that British Jews ‘can’t trust Labour’. No one doubts the seriousness of antiSemitism, but such language is unhelpful, even […]

I spoke to the terrific Media Democracy podcast about claims of antisemitism at the Labour Party conference, and what they reveal about the susceptibility of our media organisations to organised falsehood. Have a listen here. Many thanks to Tom Mills and Dan Hind for inviting me on.

In my article debunking claims of antisemitism at the 2017 Labour Party conference, I showed how veteran Israeli socialist Moshé Machover was falsely depicted as a Nazi apologist. Machover has since been kicked out of the Labour Party. More than 100 Labour members have written to Jeremy Corbyn opposing Machover’s expulsion; if you are a […]

IT WAS DIFFICULT to ascertain on the basis of media reports whether Brighton played host this month to a Labour Party conference or a Nuremberg rally. This article investigates claims of antisemitism at the Labour conference and finds them to be without factual basis. * The 2017 Labour Party conference was a success for supporters of […]

At this point, the script writes itself: Hamas threatens to moderate its position by amending its Charter, so Israel assassinates a senior Hamas militant.[1] Whenever a credible Palestinian force threatens by political moderation to undermine Israel’s pretexts for diplomatic rejectionism—by offering/adhering to a ceasefire; signalling acceptance of the international consensus framework for resolving the conflict; […]

First, it was said that ‘a large proportion‘ of the Oxford University Labour Club (OULC) specifically and the Oxford student left in general ‘have some kind of problem with Jews’; indeed, that the ‘student left’ is ‘institutionally antisemitic‘. John Mann MP condemned ‘rife’ and ‘[o]vert’ antisemitism ‘amongst certain elements at Oxford University’. ‘It’d be so much […]

Defence Minister Fallon: The key now is get aid into the country, and that means reopening the ports that have been damaged in the fighting—particularly Hudaydah (19 Dec 2016) The port of Hodeida was not ‘damaged in the fighting’. It was deliberately put and kept out of action by the UK’s ally. 2 August 2015: […]